About us

We, as a trading company specializing in the supply of raw materials
for cosmetic products and health food,
will contribute to your beauty and health.



Since our foundation in 1947, Kotobuki Trading have grown with various companies and people.
We have many years of experience as a trading company specialized in raw materials for cosmetics.
With our expertise, we will continue to contribute to the development of all our clients in the future.

Our strangths

  • スムーズで柔軟なご対応
  • ニッチな原料にもご対応可能
  • 70年以上培った国内外のネットワーク

Smooth and flexible customer servise

We will propose the raw materials needed for your project. Please do not hesitate to ask us if there is no purchasing record or if you require a smaller package size.

Please note that depending on the nature of your inquiry, it may take some time for us to respond to you.


Niche raw materials are available

We will propose the raw materials that have not been entered by the major companies.


International network growth
over 70 years

From 1947 to the present, we have been networking with several hundred companies.